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Wrap episode: Perfectionism, discomfort and showing up

Episode Summary

To wrap the first season of Routines & Ruts, host Madeleine Dore shares seven lessons on perfectionism that not only pertain to our creative lives, but maybe our entire lives.

Episode Notes

Throughout this season I’ve reflected with my guests on various topics relating to our creatives lives, including process, productivity-shame, mistakes, money, vulnerability, self-compassion, uncertainty, self-sabotage, self-growth, joy, setbacks, privilege, letting go, solitude, resilience, busyness, heartbreak, patience, mental health, limitations, and learning.

To wrap this first season, I wanted to share some lessons on the thing that almost prevented it from ever getting started – perfectionism. 

Perfectionism tells us that in order to make progress, to put what we have created into the world, it must be perfect. 

My intention was to wrap this first season by sharing the lessons I had accumulated specifically about the creative process and perfectionism. But as I wrote and as the days unfolded, I realised these lessons pertain to much more than our creative lives – they pertain to our entire lives.  

In the same way perfectionism stalls progress in our creative lives, it can stall progress in our societies. 

This non-exhaustive list of parallel lessons might apply to your ongoing engagement with being anti-racist or an activist, or they might apply to your creative process, or your career, or your life, your relationships, or your environmental efforts, your scrutiny of yourself, your need for rest, your showing up in the world. Most of all, I hope they are helpful in highlighting that anything we want to do or change, begins with sidestepping perfectionism, fear, denial and shame. It begins with us taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

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