Routines & Ruts

Pip Lincolne on heartbreak, wobbly routines and solitude

Episode Summary

Writer, crafter and blogger behind Meet Me At Mikes, Pip Lincolne on the winding path she took to her creative career and how to take care of yourself after loss.

Episode Notes

Prioritsing yourself isn't selfish, says writer, crafter and blogger behind Meet Me At Mikes, Pip Lincolne – but it sure can be difficult.  

In this conversation, Pip opens up about the difficult period she faced after the end of a 23-year-relationship – and the book it has since inspired, When Life Is Not Peachy.  We delve into winding and twisting path Pip took to a creative career and writing books after she left high school in year eleven, but also  feeling like an outsider, parenting and creativity, falling back into yourself, wobbly routines, social media and success, fitting in writing around a day job, solitude and resilience.

* * *

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