Routines & Ruts

Pandora Sykes on finding the rightful, good enough life

Episode Summary

Writer, journalist and broadcaster Pandora Sykes on the arrival fallacy, letting go, healthy boredom, how a gain sometimes involves a loss, and finding our own version of what is rightful, rather than right.

Episode Notes

Pandora Sykes is a writer, journalist and broadcaster—but as she shares in this conversation, she’s a gatherer. In the book, How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?, her writing and columns and in the acclaimed weekly podcast The High Low she co-hosts with Dolly Alderton — Pandora is constantly collecting, exploring and dissecting the work of writers, psychologists, culture critics, philosophers, scientists on everything from life’s trivialities to the political—and how the two are interconnected.

In this conversation, we speak about how smaller worries can sometimes feel the biggest, how we can be driven by feelings like guilt and envy rather than feel stifled, satisficing, arrival fallacy, healthy boredom, tick-boxing and finding our own version of what what is rightful, rather than right. 

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