Routines & Ruts

Kylie Maslen on invisible illness, boundaries and shared understanding

Episode Summary

Writer and critic Kylie Maslen on living with an invisible illness, decision fatigue, burnout, the ableist idea of equating output with our worth, boundaries and community.

Episode Notes

"If we’re going to get serious about talking about disability and mental health, then we need to talk about what that really looks like for everyone involved.” –Kylie Maslen

Author of  Show Me Where It Hurts: Living with Invisible Illness Kylie Maslen discusses how creating a shared understanding of someone’s day to day can help break down the barriers between the well and unwell. 

In this conversation,  we discuss the importance of routine to reduce decision fatigue, but also the flip side of this constant vigilance. We also delve into burnout, the ableist idea of equating output with our worth, the Pomodoro technique, isolation and loneliness, community, and Kylie introduces me to spoon theory as a way to create boundaries but also be generous with other people’s energy. 

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