Routines & Ruts

Introducing Routines & Ruts

Episode Summary

Routines & Ruts with Madeleine Dore is a new podcast sharing conversations about the daily rhythms and inevitable stumbles in our creative lives.

Episode Notes

 Five years ago, I started a project called Extraordinary Routines. It's been a labour of love that has given me an excuse to ask creative people nosey questions about how they spend their days.

 Time and time again, I saw there are always two sides to the shape of our days – there’s the discipline, habits, processes, order and structure. Then there’s the challenges, the set backs, the imperfections, the countless distractions.

I wanted to dive further into these two sides, to show them in real time, and invite you to be a fly on the wall, too. So I’m delighted to tell you about something I’ll be sharing with you very soon – it’s called Routines & Ruts, and it’s my very first podcast. 

* * * 

Thank you for listening to Routines & Ruts, a labour of love fuelled by time and curiosity. If you'd like to support the podcast, please share with a friend, or say thanks with a coffee!

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 Special thanks to: Nelson Dore for the theme music, Scott Stronach for editing, Ellen Porteus for the cover art, Kayla Robertson for podcasting guidance.

 Looking forward to sharing the first episodes with you... very soon!