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Clare Bowditch on patience, book writing and ambition

Episode Summary

Singer, actress, storyteller and entrepreneur Clare Bowditch shares how smaller day-to-day ambitions and patience can offer us hope during difficult times.

Episode Notes

When Clare Bowditch was 21 years old, she made a promise to herself: that she would one day write a book.

The promise came during a period of unrest, unworthiness, and uncertainty for the now musician, actor, radio presenter and entrepreneur.

There was one particularly comforting caveat to this promise: that she would wait until she was in her 40s to write it, when it was all behind her.

Fast forward two decades, and Bowditch has written that very book, Your Own Kind of Girl published by Allen & Unwin.

It’s the result of patience and a promise, and the overlooked art of relinquishing pressure from our life ambitions.

In this debut episode of Routines & Ruts, Clare Bowditch discusses taking it one step at a time, the book writing process, and how letting go can bring us the most extraordinary experiences.

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Your Own Kind of Girl  by Clare Bowditch 

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