Routines & Ruts

Beci Orpin on the upsides of busyness, freelancing and resilience

Episode Summary

Designer, artist, and illustrator Beci Orpin talks about how busyness is often what helps her sustain momentum, the importance of resilience and communication.

Episode Notes

Beci Orpin does her best work when she is busy,

With a creative career spanning more than twenty years, the Melbourne designer, artist, and illustrator has left her colourful fingerprint on countless projects, from books and homewares, to regular art exhibitions, and collaborations with celebrated brands. 

While she reflects on the busyness of her day to day and how it has laid the foundations for her impressive career, she hesitates to prescribe to the cult of busyness, and instead sees the important of sleep, downtime, and developing close relationships with friends and family. 

What Beci teaches us is that instead of being busy as a means of escape or a form of pride, our time should be filled wherever possible with the things we enjoy in order to flourish.

In this interview, we talk about how she gets so much done, personal projects, the precarious nature of freelancing, money, emailing, family, criticism and resilience. 

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